Is 'Sinus' pain really sinusitis? Agius AM, Jones NS, Muscat R. Br J Hosp Med 2014; 75 (10): 696-701

So-called ‘sinus pain’ is a common complaint in GP and ENT clinics, and patients often receive treatment with antibiotics and decongestants.

A Randomized Controlled Trial comparing the efficacy of low-dose amitriptyline, amitriptyline with pindolol and surrogate placebo in the treatment of chronic tension-type facial pain

Patients often present to otolaryngologists with chronic facial pain, presumed to be of sinus origin despite normal nasal endoscopy and sinus CT. This pain has increasingly been recognized as being of neurological origin with one of the commonest underlying causes being mid-facial segmental tension-type pain (MFP) which is a version…
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